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Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness

This has always been one of my very favorite times of year! And it's even better when you get to view the action live. Luckily for us, Salt Lake City was one of the hosts for the second and third rounds of the NCAA tournament this year, and we got to clock some quality family bonding time at Energy Solutions Arena last weekend. There's nothing quite like some good college basketball. We had so much fun!!!
Unluckily for me, I just spent the majority of last week alternating between my couch and my toilet. (Did I mention that I'm a whole 25 weeks pregnant? I sort of feel like the universe hates me right now.) Thankfully, the worst of it comes at night, which meant I didn't have to miss out on the fun entirely. But I still gave up my tickets to two of Thursday's four games since puking at the arena didn't sound terribly appealing. And even as I watched #14 Harvard upset #3 New Mexico from my phone, knowing that I should have been at the game, I was awfully glad I was hugging my own toilet and not a public one. It's a good thing I know these babies are worth it :)

Anyway, back to the games. Matt and I had gifted tickets for one session (two games) to my parents, Heidi and Matthew for Christmas, and most of the Davis men bought tickets for all three sessions, so it was a family affair. Matthew and Heidi came to the Thursday afternoon games with us and watched #9 Wichita State beat #8 Pitt and #1 Gonzaga hold off #16 Southern. Matt and Matthew stuck around for the second session to see #6 Arizona handle #11 Belmont and #14 Harvard shock #3 New Mexico. On Saturday, my mom and dad came with us and saw Harvard fall to Arizona, and Gonzaga take on Wichita State. That last game was our favorite of the weekend! It was close throughout the entire game, and it was so fun to watch the teams exchange three's and make huge plays down the stretch. The game was tied with just two minutes left! I especially enjoyed watching Wichita State's expert coaching, which I am convinced is what led to the Shockers' ultimate victory. Poor Zags. And my poor, poor bracket.
Traveling student sections are the best.
If only you could have seen Wichita State's cowbell player rock out in person. My nephew Jack was so entertained by the cowbell performance on Thursday that he made this SNL Will Ferrell-inspired posted for the games on Saturday. And my mom is awesome enough that she made sure we chased the cowbell player down to get a post-game picture.


  1. That cowbell player is my brother. I'm glad he could provide you all with some entertainment while the Shockers obliterated your bracket!

  2. I will go one step farther. The cowbell player is my oldest son. He enjoys it immensely as you can tell. As he would say "MORE COWBELL"!!!!

  3. I can go farther the both u all he's my uncle. Hi Grant how are you this is Emalie


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