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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swimming in Vegas

We went on a fairly last-minute trip to Las Vegas a few weekends ago, and while we were there, Jake got his first taste of swimming. He was a bit unsure about the whole thing and basically clung to us the entire time. To be fair, the water wasn't exactly warm, so the adults were a bit unsure about the pool thing, too! At the beginning, Jake held onto us for dear life but toward the end, he allowed for a few inches of separation and even played along with our "kick, kick, kick!" routine. As water lovers, we have high hopes for his future with pools and beaches and were therefore just happy he wasn't in tears.
Kick, kick, kicking!
Can you believe what they put me through?
Love those baby raisins.


  1. Okay. He is stilll a baby, and yet I think.. he is looking more and more like a little boy. ugh.

    So fun, so cute.

  2. Love Las Vegas! And, Love YOU GUYS! GLAD YOU HAD FUN!


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