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Monday, January 10, 2011

Wagon rides and wallyball

You may have noticed that I tend to post more about my family than Matt's after we visit Utah. It's not that we don't love his family or spend time with them, because we do and we do. Rather, it's because of this:
My friends, that is a true-to-life candid shot of Matt's grandma Edie opening a present on Christmas night with no less than five nice cameras on her. And want to hear the crazy thing? There were THREE other DSLRs in the room at the same time (including ours, which took the picture). It's non-stop paparazzi in there! Needless to say, whipping out my own camera tends to feel a little superfluous when we're around Matt's family, so we usually give it a little break and sit back and enjoy ourselves sans-trigger finger... hence why you see less of them on the blog. Still, we spent half of our Christmas vacation with Matt's family in Northern Utah and I did manage to get a few shots of the festivities.

Opening presents on Christmas night:
An impromptu guitar session with Matt and his brothers:
Seeing the elk at Hardware Ranch:
More Hardware ranch, from Clark's camera:
Annual wallyball showdown (from Clark's camera):
And a little bit of sledding (once again, stolen from Clark):
It never ceases to confuse me that my parents get three times as much snow as Matt's even though they live two hours South!
We had so much fun with the D family, and are so excited to play with them again this summer!


  1. Oh my gosh!! Matt's family looks like an awesome fun bunch to be hanging out with! I can tell that I would definately fit right in with my own "trigger happy finger". That picture of his grandma opening her gift wtih all those cameras flashing was hillarious!! haha, and I LOVED it!! You guys did a ton of fun stuff with them! So cool!!

  2. So what your trying to say is photography runs in the family? =)

    I love that first photo you posted. That picture perfectly portrays your whole post.

  3. Ok just saw this and Im dying! Good job capturing this. And notice I also do not ever have my camera when we are with them. Thats classic!


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