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Monday, January 17, 2011

Elf, Part 2: Then, we'll go ice skating.

After successfully completing the first item on our Elf Day agenda, we headed up to Salt Lake City for some outdoor ice skating at the Gallivan Center. Matt and I went ice skating there on our second date more than four years ago and that's when the sparks really flew, so we love going back to relive the romance. This time, it was cold and snowing, so we bundled up and enjoyed the ambiance.
Apparently, the weather scared away just about everyone else in the state of Utah. We were stoked to see an empty rink! Ice skating without the crowds and must-go-this-direction rules is even better than the regular deal.
So we hurried and put on our skates. Don't you just love ice skates? It was the babies' first time so they were excited.
Once our skates were on, we were ready to go! My dad snapped a group picture and then stayed warm by the fire while he video taped the big outing.
We eased the babies into it with "big kids" on either side a few times around the rink...
... and then let the lessons begin.
I was amazed at how quickly they caught on! In no time at all, they were prancing around the rink all on their own.
This, naturally, came with a few falls along the way.
Gabey was such a trooper, but eventually he had one fall too many between sledding and ice skating that day. He opted to warm up inside with Dad rather than risk anymore spills and refused to smile for a picture. That is, until I promised him 100 "checks" if he did. And voila! There it was. (Checks and X's are the babies new made-up rating system for how awesome you are or are not doing in life at the moment. Give them a piggy back ride = 30 checks. Cancel plans due to weather = 10 X's. Or whatever numbers they feel like doling out on a whim. It's adorable.)
Kaleb, on the other hand, made lemonade out of his lemons. He turned every fall into a break dancing and/or snow angel-making experience.
Joshie just laughed and said "I meant to do that" any time his bum hit the ice. Then he'd hop back up and go at it again!
Of course, we "big kids" had it all under control, too.
Once we were warmed up and the babies were masters at racing around the rink, we started a good old fashioned game of tag. It got pretty intense at times and was a complete blast! Oh, the joys of an empty ice rink. Matt was the best at being "it." He would speedskate around the rink, circling his prey like a shark before pouncing in on his victim--which, 98% of the time, was me.
It was so, so much fun.
However, all good things must come to an end. Matt and I took a final, nostalgic stroll around the rink hand-in-hand before heading home.
I'm so enchanted by that man.
We braved the blizzard on our walk back to the cars...
... but not without another nod to the movie of the day! We hopped across the crosswalk in full Buddy-style.
Matt made sure to be extra careful, because as we all know -- "the yellow ones don't stop."


  1. totally in love with this post ;) first elf is by far my favorite Christmas movie ~ second loved the pictures (especially the jumping across the street) ~ third the story was too cute!

    glad u guys had a blast ;)

  2. You and your husband are officially the cutest couple ever!! :) Loved this post!

  3. This is so cute!! I love all the pictures, so fun for the holidays!

  4. You guys always know how to party!! I used to go ice skating every year in Salt lake. I miss it.

  5. I couldn't help but notice the girl with shorts on in one of your last shots. She is crossing the street right behind your family. I got the cold chills for her! Oh baby, that would be cold in shorts!
    What a fun activity and I bet Lion King was awesome! You guys are making memories for sure!

  6. I love this. Can we do this next year please so I can be there? K thanks.

  7. I agree with Nicole - you and your husband are too cute. And these photos are gorgeous! Now I really want to visit Utah. :)

    Nice to "meet" another Angeleno!

  8. Sharla- She was wearing a little party mini-dress! Crazy, isn't it?

  9. Looks like such a perfect night! Love the pictures. You are the pro documenter. Looks magical!

  10. Coley - You have to be there next year. No way around it :-)

  11. This looks like so much fun! I've never seen snow fall in real life but I'm sure the combination of snow and skating was amazing!


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