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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new favorite beach

During our most recent daytrip in Orange County, Matt and I stumbled upon a little gem of a beach. It's called Crescent Bay and it's practically perfect in every way. So perfect, in fact, that within the first few minutes there, we officially deemed it a new favorite. (Note: the fact that I have 17 favorites of everything is entirely irrelevant to this post.) I'm so excited to tell you about it!
But first I have to tell you about our lunch that day at the Crystal Cove Shake Shack. Our sandwiches were delectable, our shake was delicious and the view was divine.
But the best part was this little critter right here, eating the cherry that used to be on top of someone's ice cream shake:
Yes, that little lunchtime tangent was for the sole purpose of sharing a cute squirrel picture because, while I hate all other rodents and creepy-crawly things, I love squirrels. Anyway, let's get back to the beach story, shall we?

Crescent Bay is located in Laguna Beach at the end of a small street off of Pacific Coast Highway. We discovered it entirely on accident. See, we were loosely planning on hanging out at Crystal Cove but didn't really want to pay $15 for parking, so we just kept driving in search of another option. It was quite the pleasant surprise when we found this fairly uncrowded beach (on a hot Saturday!) with ample metered parking. Two points already!
It just got better from there. We fell in love with the cozy bay setting and the pretty beach homes with stairs leading down to the sand. The water there is warm for Southern California, and the steady waves are a great size for splashing around or boogie-boarding. The beach itself is amazing, with the tide rolling onto a good-sized hill (thus preventing "tragedies" like this) and lots of sand to play with. Meanwhile, the rocks and tide pools on either side of the bay are terribly fun to explore. Oh, and did I mention that it's all clean with no crazies? Yep. With its easy access, secluded setting, great waves, clean beach, fun rocks and pretty shoreline, Crescent Bay is about as good as a beach can get.
No wonder it's a new favorite, right?


  1. This place is gorgeous! it would be my new fave too! the pictures are so pretty!

  2. Beautiful place to hang out at! Quite picture perfect!

  3. WOW! That is awesome!!! Next time I come to Cali that is where we are going! I love it! You guys are always doing such fun things, Im so jealous! :)

  4. I can almost feel that sand between my toes right now!!!!!! I love it!!!

  5. You are such a lucky girl! You get to be close to a beach! I love living in Colorado but I sure miss the beach.

  6. Do I need to remind you that a shark ate a surfer at an Austrlia Beach over the weekend. Google it.

    That beach is pretty cool. My sister in law who lives in Laguna took us their last year. She said it was a little hidden gem. Great Pictures!

  7. My heck that's so cool Ash!! I'm way jealous.

  8. I love finding new favorite places and this one looks perfect. And it is ok to have lots of favorites!

  9. This is my first-ever blog post on your amazing blog, that I sometimes am too opinionated about ;). I love the beach and love you both, you guys have rockin' bods in swimsuits.... but as your sister, who could use a glimpse into her impending future/hopes/dreams again, (hint hint) there have been too many beach posts... where is Europe?!
    - Impatient, but lovable Heidi

  10. Ahhhh it is so perfect! Looks like so much fun. Your pictures are awesome. You guys are beautiful people as well. Klane and I should probably start working out again, I have decided after looking at this. ;)

  11. Impatient sister Heidi- I should really get back to those Europe posts, shouldn't I? After all, I left off right before Venice... of all times! But I'm so busy playing at beautiful beaches and such that I haven't even gone through our Italy pictures yet. Not once! I'll get around to that ASAP though, just for you :-) You're welcome, love.

    And to Ryan- All of this shark talk is making me terribly nervous... especially since there was a great white warning issued in LA last month long ago. Scary, right? Great whites and I aren't exactly friends! I plan on staying far, far away from them, though. I'll let you know how it goes :-)


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