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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dodger Dogs and good ol' Manny

Another item we checked off our must-do SoCal list this summer: going to a Dodgers game. Granted, since I grew up going to Giants games and also became an Angels fan while working for their Triple-A team, cheering for the Dodgers is a big no-no in this household. But Dodger Stadium is an American classic and Dodger Dogs are legendary, so we had to go just once. No harm done as long as you root for the visiting team, right?

This mission was accomplished a few weeks ago when our friends Doug and Melissa (who happen to be Nicole's boyfriend Jordan's parents) generously invited us to a Dodgers vs. Cardinals game with them. I absolutely love the atmosphere at a baseball game on a summer's night, and hanging out with some of our favorite people for nine innings just made it that much better!
The game itself was highly entertaining. As much as I appreciate a good pitching duel, I can't help but find the heavy hitting games more exciting. With Manny Ramirez and Albert Pujols on opposing teams, the bats were hot all night! It was so much fun seeing those all-stars up close and personal. Hello, Manny.
Oh, and the Dodger Dogs? Best ballpark hot dog I've had in my life, hands down.
All in all, it was a great night at Dodger Stadium!


  1. My first thought at seeing the picture of the four of you was "Why isn't Karen with Dave?" Ha, ha, and I know he's a triplet, but that identical thing can really throw a person. I have friends from h.s. that were identical twins, but they don't look as much alike now--different hair styles and make up. Men just look more alike even when they are older.

  2. Good point about the girls and boys! Identical girls can definitely change their look much easier than boys can. I just saw a recent picture of Doug and his brothers on Facebook, and if not for the wives standing right next to them, I would have had no idea which was which. So crazy!

  3. I loved that first pic of the stadium + palm trees. So fun! Ahhh I think I chose the wrong city... LA seems so nice! I love baseball games and this looks like it was a blast. We love Manny since he used to play for the Red Sox. :) And I love your jacket. You always look so put together and cute!

    I agree, it was so fun getting together in Utah! I had a blast catching up with you. We should definitely try to coordinate our visits again!

  4. Now I need to have a dodger dog! I think Shaun is a huge dodger fan, so he will love this post. Nothing like the energy in baseball and it seems each stadium has it's little perks that make it so unique and cool. You guys have so many awesome friends! Now adding Jordan's parents!!
    Fun times.

  5. I heard the Dodgers do an annual Mormon Night in August. I think that is so awesome. Shaun would be in Heaven...


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