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Monday, August 23, 2010

Angels in the outfield... and the nosebleeds.

It took half a season, but we finally made it out to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.
To give you a little background on my Angels fan-ship: I officially became an Angels fan when I worked for their triple-A team, the Salt Lake Bees, back in 2007. It was such a great summer, getting paid to work in a fun minor league atmosphere and watch baseball games. Highlights included meeting players on the Angels' 40-man roster, hosting events for kids with the athletes, and having a mascot drop to a knee and propose to me on the field between innings. Ah, those were some good times.

Needless to say, it's hard to cheer on a team and its players (especially the ones who kept getting pulled up to the majors) every day for an entire season and not become a fan of the franchise. I've been rooting for the Angels ever since! Happily for me, Matt had no prior commitments to any other MLB team, so he hopped on my bandwagon. Last year, we caught a spring training game in Arizona and were super excited at the prospect of watching the Angels play on their home turf once we moved to California.
I was even more excited when the big day finally arrived! Matt and I proudly donned our Angels attire and prepared for a great day at the ballpark. The fact that said ballpark totally rocks was a major added bonus. I mean, an "infield" at the entrance--how fun is that? The little kids were loving it and, admittedly, so were we. (The concept and design, that is. Don't worry--we weren't actually running around the bases. Although, we might have been slightly tempted to have a friendly little race.)
We finally headed inside and made our way up to our seats. And when I say up, I mean UP! We were spoiled with 8th-row first baseline seats at Dodger Stadium, but we were on our own for this one. Since we're newlyweds, that equaled nosebleed $25 seats that I found for 50% off. But hey, it's still the same ballgame! And we kind of like the alternative birds-eye views of the stadium.
One thing we did not like, however, were the Angel dogs. In that area and that area alone, the Dodgers have them beat--by a long shot. I'd rather have my Angels and yucky hot dogs than the Dodgers and their delicious ones any day, though!
The game itself was an exciting one that came down to the very last pitch. I'm not going to tell you how it ended, but lets just say I was wishing I had some of those magical arm-flapping powers a la Angels in the Outfield. On a happier note--a good ol' former Bee, Howie Kendrick, hit one out of the park for the Angels. Way to represent, Howie!
As a bit of a consolation prize, the Angels and their fans were greeted with a lovely sunset as they left the stadium.
Alas, with the Angels currently 8 games behind Texas, it's probably time to start channeling Roger Bomman and his famous request:
"So, maybe you can help them win a little. Amen."


  1. How fun!!! We've had fun at some Angels games too :)

  2. Digging the shoes, especially because we have the same pair haha. Baseball is ALWAYS best in the stadium. I'll sit in the nosebleed section with you guys anytime! Next time you are in town,we should watch that lovely film :)

  3. Love your coordinating outfit that goes perfectly with your outing.

    I love all of your adventures. Even the ones in the nosebleeds.

  4. oh, those pics were so great! And, they totally brought back some good ol' fun memories of the Angels game that my senior graduating class went to when we were out there for our senior vacation to california. Hey, I love those shoes you are wearing!!!!! so fun!

  5. Ha ha, how fun!! I love all the pictures and your cute Angels shirts! How adorable are you two!!! :)

    By the way... I made a new, private blog. When you can email me or text me your email address and I'll add you to our list! I miss you my dear. Thanks for letting me text you with all my exciting updates, etc... and, for being so happy for me!! You're an amazing best friend!!! Love you!

  6. I just realized that little boy is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So weird... LOVED the movie growing up! I've been to Angels games before and must say, I love their stadium and the atmosphere.... However, I'm a Padres and Phillies girl. Always.

    Glad you're having a blast - and looking so cute while doing it, might I add... Love the matching shoes. Haha!

    Love ya! Oh, and you were right. I didn't step on either of those stones on the glockenspiel! :)

  7. Wow! That looks so fun (even in the nose bleed section). And can I just say - I love that you dress up for all of your outings! You guys are adorable!

  8. Where do you get all your darling outfits, right down to the shoes? I dare say I don't think I have ever seen you repeat an outfit, and of course this one is specific for the outing, so we won't be seeing it every day! tee hee
    Love to dress up for the team and become a part of the loud and enthusiastc crowd. It's good we love sporting events in this family or we would miss out on many a fun date! It is Brian's favorite!!

  9. Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! It's too cute. I love baseball too!!! New follower and just wanted to say hi!

  10. Another adventure to be jealous of. :)

  11. You are much better at documenting things than me. We went to a Yankee game last week but I hardly took any pictures and my only text was like, "We went to the game and ate hot dogs. It was fun." Hahaha, I am so lazy! Your posts and pictures are so entertaining! Looks like it was a fun time.

  12. Very cool. Ash, I am way impressed with how you and Matt are creating the opportunities to have fun adventures like this. I wish so bad that I would have done more of them (we did a few) in my first 2 years of marriage. Once the kids come, it drastically changes your ability to spontaneously do stuff like this. So you are very smart to do it now. Great pictures by the way.

  13. We got our Angels shirts at Walmart for less than $10 each! The men's shirts weren't that cheap-more like $18-but they had a grey child's XXXL on clearance that looked like it might work for Matt. And sure enough, it did! Haha, oh, and I definitely repeat outfits all the time... sometimes even two days in a row (my 15-year-old self would be mortified). I just like to mix things up a bit more when we get out of the house :-)


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