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Monday, May 9, 2011

Snippets from Utah

Matt had to cut his visit to Utah short for a TDY in Texas, but I got to stay in the Beehive State for a whole two weeks! It was so great to spend that much time back home, and yet I was amazed at how much I still didn't have time to do and how many people I still didn't get to see! Isn't that how it always goes? There was a lot going on for my family while I was in town, so those activities filled my agenda rather quickly. I already posted about the first part of our trip here, and I'll share just a few more snippets below:

The Welcome Home Sign:
My sweet siblings decided to tease me with this welcome home sign that took up a full wall in the "guest" bedroom (that's right, Kiken, I just referred to your room as the guest bedroom). I don't terribly care what terms are used in reference to other pregnant ladies but I, for one, am not "preggers." I'm also not a certain brand of spaghetti sauce. =)
The Birthdays:
There were many. First Joshie's, then the twins' and Jordan's, then my dad's and one of my best friend's. It was nonstop cake and ice cream around our house! Also, don't the twins make gorgeous 21-year-olds?
Spring Break:
My visit coincided perfectly with my family's spring break. Due to Christian's college schedule, the family couldn't get away so we just had a lot of fun right at home (and mostly indoors thanks to the winter weather). We hung out, played games, roller bladed and went to Trafalga where we rock climbed, flew airplanes and mini-golfed/sword fought in a cave. It was grand.
Easter Egg Hunt:
My grandparents' assisted living community put on a cute little Easter egg hunt complete with a coloring contest, which the babies took rather seriously.
Days of '47 Pageant:
Nicole had a lot going on in April. First her birthday, then the Days of '47 Pageant where she gave away her crown to none other than one of her high school cheerleading friends. They upgraded the crowns a bit this year, clearly.
Wedding Dress Shopping:
And then Coley took her favorite girls wedding dress shopping "just for fun" and came home with the most perfect-for-her gown that you can imagine. You'll all get to see it in less than 13 months!
BYU Graduation:
Oh yeah, and then Nicole graduated college (I told you she was busy!). Actually, she had already graduated in December but had to wait until April to walk since BYU doesn't have commencement during the winter. I had to do the same thing three years ago and was so glad to finally feel official after graduating four months earlier. Since my graduation, BYU got classy and switched to blue caps and gowns, and we got smart and made sure Nicole ordered the $18 "Stole of Gratitude" that makes you look smart. You know, the important things in life ...
After the graduation ceremony, we celebrated with the Rozsas over a delicious lunch at Tucanos. We had a lot of April birthdays (see above) so we got to do the whole birthday dance and Joshie loved playing with the tamborine. Speaking of the babies, they really brought their A-game to Tucanos and it was absolutely hilarious. Their quotes deserve a post of their own (remind me, Heidi). After lunch, we turned the Riverwoods gazebo into a dance party and battle ground for Ninja--because that's what the gazebo was built for, right?
Coley's Classroom:
Yeah, she gets one more bullet point because while she was showing us her first grade classroom at 9 p.m. that night, someone called the cops on us (apparently they thought we were teenagers breaking in?). And since we live in a very safe, quiet town where nothing exciting ever happens, a group gathered to see what the fuss was. I'm sure they were disappointed when the cop radioed back "Code 4, it's a teacher." Meanwhile, we had just spent the last half hour laughing over Nicole's cute student stories and were trying really hard not to giggle with the cop there. It was a good time.
Finally, a picture!
Liz and I always forget to take a picture when we get together during my visits. This time we remembered! ... and then I forgot to take pictures with all the other friends I saw. I guess that just gives me another excuse to go back to Utah soon.


  1. Ashley, this post was so fun. I just got home from work and sitting down to relax and catch up with the family going on's. So neat to see Nicole wedding dress shopping, and graduation pics, and see her in her classroom
    (funny story of the cops coming in to bust you! haha). Looks like your trip was a blast!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I agree -- going home always flies, and you never get to cram it all in like you had hoped! But it looks like such a great trip and at just the right times (birthdays, dress shopping, spring break)! And I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the connecting cube bookshelf collapsing in Nicole's room (which is super cute, by the way!). I have the same thing in my classroom and it gets accidently destroyed on a regular basis. :)

  4. so fun!!! I am ready for a friend an family reunion like this!!! also, funny that you don't like the term preggers.. i HATE it!!! how random. haha

  5. Wow! What an exciting time for your family, and especially for Nicole! Aren't family visits the best?

  6. Want to come visit again? K great.

  7. Come to Colorado next please. Okay? Okay.

    And Ninja's? They are totally awesome!

  8. Gazebos are also built for playing tag with little kids you don't even know so their parents can sit down while waiting to go into the restaurant... right? :)
    Maybe it was just me.

    Glad you had fun! :)


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