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Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's try that again.

On Thursday morning, I posted from our hotel room in Washington, D.C., where Matt and I were playing with my sister April, her husband Alex, and my adorable niece Tasha. Then Blogger crashed and deleted said post with a promise of restoring it. But rather than restoring it as a post, Blogger reverted it to its draft state... which included just three pictures and zero words. Bummer, right? Especially since I don't terribly feel like redoing the entire thing. So I'll just stick with the main points for this rewritten recap:

*Matt and I are currently in Virginia hanging out with April, Alex and Tasha, and loving every minute of it.
*Apparently, I am incapable of staying home for more than two weeks at a time.
*That is sure to change soon with our little guy on the way!
*We tried to fit in as much as possible at home in between trips.

During those two weeks at home between my Utah and Virginia visits, Matt and I:
*Finally painted our master bedroom (a grayish-green, in case you're curious).
*Had a week-long sleepover in our living room since we ran out of paint on day one and were too busy to head to Home Depot for another five days or so.
*Enjoyed multiple dinners with friends, including a fun neighborhood BBQ that is hopefully the start of a new tradition.
*Learned that Segways can be extremely entertaining... at least on hilly streets late at night!
And last but not least:
*Celebrated my first Mothers Day. It was sort of a practice round since my current qualifications only include months of sickness and exhaustion, and I definitely look forward to next May when I'm a real mom with a cuddly little 8-month old! Still, Matt hit it out of the ballpark. He spoiled me on Saturday with a delicious brunch, sweet note, and a really nice pair of maternity jeans that I'm mildly in love with (trust me, these things are going to rock). Then on Sunday, the Rozsas surprised me with breakfast in bed and a stirring rendition of "Happy Mothers Day" to the tune of "Happy Birthday." It was lovely!


  1. I'm so glad I got to read both additions of this blog post! lol Bummer that Blogger crashed. Can't wait to finally meet the Rozsa's and hang out with you guys! Less than 2 weeks! :)

  2. Aw you're in VA?? I wish we could meet up somewhere!!

  3. Ah! That's what happened. I think something similar must have happened to me and one of my posts. Anyway, I commented on your original post when it was there in its entirety...but I can't remember all that I said. I do remember thinking that it would be kind of fun to have a sleepover in your garage, although I would probably freak myself out with every sound the neighborhood produced! Anyway, have fun with April & the family, and tell her I said "Hi!"

  4. No way-- I was in DC all of last week! Bummer I missed you guys!!

  5. I am pretty sure I saw the original post in my Google Reader, which picked it up before blogger crashed. So at least some people saw it! And it was good. :)

    This one was good too. ;) I'm glad you're traveling so much while you still can! I'm sure it's a lot harder with a little one.

  6. Regan- I would have loved to meet up! I even googled to see how far away you were from my sister... and it's like 4 hours, unfortunately. Guess you'll just have to come visit me and Carolyn on the West Coast! :)


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