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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow in SoCal

With all this sunny weather coming our way, Matt and I decided to pay one last tribute to winter and hit the slopes for some night skiing (well, snowboarding) yesterday. Would you believe we live just 45 minutes away from a ski resort? It's like the best of both worlds.
Thanks to daylight savings, the sun was still shining and just getting ready to set as we hopped on the chair lift. It was beautiful!

Since it was only my second time snowboarding (remember the first?), we started off on the easy hills. I was so excited!
It only took a couple runs to get back into the hang of it, and we moved on to the bigger slopes as twilight came.

I'm extremely happy to report that my snowboarding skills have vastly improved! I graduated from the back and forth "leaf pattern" and actually started going down the mountain sideways. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, Matt was tearing it up as usual and I fully enjoyed the show.

I learned that one of the benefits of the bigger slopes is the beautiful view from up high! We loved seeing the city lights in the distance.

What I did not love were the extremely steep hills on said slopes. Since it's so late in the season and we weren't dealing with the "Greatest Snow on Earth," the snow got a little icy in parts (though there was nice powder in other parts as well). This resulted in an occasional digression into the leaf pattern, and I was okay with that. It meant that I went a lot slower than Matt, though, so he'd make it down each hill and then sit and wait for me with a big ol' smile on his face.

My slow speeds came up big when I hit some chunks of ice and ate it hard. Had I been going over 2 mph, it could have actually hurt :-). To prove to Matt that the fall was not my fault, I carried the culprit with me the rest of the way down the hill. See?

All in all, we had a great time! We closed the park down and enjoyed every minute.
See you next winter!

(Unless, of course, I can't for *ahem* medical reasons. Just thinking ahead...)


  1. good for you! I love how you and Matt are enjoying every minute of your newlywed life together. Just keep up that pattern, even when the kids come along, and life will be happily ever after!

  2. That snowboarding adventure looked really fun. I loved your story Ash! Too funny! I have never snowboarded and so whenever I watch Shaun White at the Olympics I think, "That looks easy!" Apparently its a little tougher than it looks. But it does look really fun.

  3. That is great. Kenneth and I have the same situation...you know, where he flies down the mountain and sits at the bottom for me.

    And...ahem...that would be fun! :)

  4. Okay, no one should be allowed to look that cute while snowboarding! You're a babe and I love your hair! :) I've never been night skiing but I looks like a blast. i can't believe you live so close to a ski resort, that is amazing! You really do have the best of both worlds.

    And I didn't know you were thinking about a baby so soon! That is very exciting! (Can i say "baby" out loud? Was that allowed? Haha.)

  5. I think that evening date looked like a blast!! Hey, I, also, think you were hinting about a BABY!!! YEAH!! Well, we'll send good vibes your way!! That's exciting to be thinking about starting a family!!

  6. Thanks for the good baby vibes! Just to clarify, though, we're still thinking in the future tense... winter's still a ways away :-)


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