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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We finally got around...

... to celebrating Valentine's Day. I know, right? Usually, Matt and I avoid the crowds by going on our big date beforehand and laying low with an at-home date on the actual day (like we did last year). This year we were visiting family over Presidents' Day weekend, so the only nods to the 14th of February were waking up to a dozen roses from Matt and this message in the mirror:

Cute, no? We finally got around to an official date with a low-key Saturday in LA two weeks later. It started off by attending the Los Angeles Temple, followed by a visit to Sprinkles Cupcakes. We hadn't been in about 6 months and were amused by the recent Beverly Hills upgrade to parking meters that accept credit cards. Oh, and the overpriced cute little cupcakes were great, too.
We'd planned on saving them for dessert later that night but when it took us over an hour to drive the nine miles to IKEA, we caved. (Seriously, LA? 9 miles in 65 minutes on a Saturday? This is why I don't commute to the city.) That red velvet was heavenly, and we love Sprinkles for figuring out the proper cake-to-frosting ratio.

Most girls get romantic gifts like jewelry for Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Matt and I expressed our love with shelves and hangers, and I couldn't be more excited about them.
For dinner, we whipped out a wedding gift card and enjoyed a free meal at Olive Garden. When I was five-years-old, I polished off a breadstick basket all on my own. Not much has changed! Here in California, restaurants are required by law to provide nutritional information so as I was chowing down on my third breadstick of the night, I decided to see how bad it was for me. What I discovered should have stopped me, but it didn't. Sometimes you just have to let butter be your friend.
Just like sometimes you have to celebrate Valentine's Day two weeks late and give your loved one organizational supplies instead of pearls. Hey, it works!


  1. Nothing more romantic than a walk through Ikea. :) And I love your boots. I am jealous that you can wear heels. Very very cute.

  2. I LOVE practical gifts and cupcakes! I second the compliments on your boots too, very cute! I can't believe you spent so long in traffic though =(

  3. you look so cute! good thing you finally celebrated v-day...and at ikea. you guys are my kind of people!

  4. Ikea is totally romantic and completely appropriate for Valentines Day. At least I think so. =)

  5. No worries celebrating vday late..thats what Tony & I did and it totally worked. Restaurant food is most likely a bit overpriced that wknd anyways ;-) there is a Sprinkles Cupcakes in Scottsdale, about 20 min from me and if I am ever in that direction (which is rare) I like to stop by and get their free cupcake of the day (follow them on Twitter or their fB page) or splurge and try 1 or 2 different flavors. Looks like a very fun time you guys had together. Thats so crazy it took an hour to go 9 miles?! aiai!

  6. I am always impressed that you find people to take your picture. You have mad skills in that area! But who wouldn't want to help out such a beautiful couple! It doesn't matter how or when you celebrate, just that you do. One year early on Bri and I totally forgot our anniversary. It was in one of those crazy moving around times and we had so much on our plate, settling in to the new area and starting the next big adventure and about a week later we looked at each other and realized we had totally forgotten our 3rd anniversary. Oh my!!! Life gets Crazy!!

  7. OMG - I am so jealous ...Sprinkles cupcakes. The first thing on my list of things to try on my next visit out to LA! Yay for you guys!


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