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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belmont and the beach

I love the beach any way I can get it, but I have to admit that it is definitely more entertaining when my family is around. And though it's far too cold for me to do anything more than jump waves in the ocean this time of year, they braved the weather and hopped right in. Crazy kids. Maybe it's because they were high from the excitement of riding rides at Belmont Park right before hitting the sand.
The roller coaster was pretty legit, after all.
Or maybe they're just crazy all on their own.
Either way, they had a great time jumping over and running from the waves...
... and working on their special projects, which included a gigantic pile of sea weed and Gabe's sand mountain for Petey (he started working on it as soon as we arrived!).
Family just makes everything more fun, you know?


  1. These are such great pictures! What a fun time.

  2. what a fun vacation! i love that picture of your 4 little bros standing toward the ocean. they are adorable! and tell nicole congrats on the engagement! i can't believe steve's friends are old enough to get married :)

  3. Oh, the beach! A total favorite of mine!!!! I need to go there again one of these days SOON! until then, I'll just click on your family's pictures and get my "fix" Was the water cold? Sometimes it is when we have been there. But, it's still the best experience anyway!! Your family is so awesome!We just love all you guys soooo much!

  4. Oh my goodness you all are brave! That water looks so cold!

  5. The roller coaster was insane! Christian and I had crazy amounts of G's in the very back. We were screaming, and then quickly holding our stomachs haha. It was one of the better wooden roller coasters I have been on. I loved being back at the beach! The water was not cold to me. Seriously, it felt like a regular swimming pool. The sky was deceptively gray; it was an amazing afternoon with the fam.

  6. So Much fun! What a great time you had and the most exciting part is still to come...........

  7. I like that picture of your parents on the Beach. We were totally at Laguna Beach last Saturday. We were there around 1PM so maybe we missed you by a couple hours. The surf was really big last weekend so we enjoyed watching all the surfers do their thing. Great pictures of your fam.

  8. Ryan! You are in so much trouble. You are so not allowed to come to Southern California without letting me know so I can see you!


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