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Friday, January 15, 2010


This is me and my mom. Isn't she beautiful? Once upon a time, we went to New York together and packed separately. Then it rained so we took out our jackets... and we'd brought the exact same one. So we got to be twinners in NYC for a day.

This is my mom's house. The picture was obviously taken during Christmastime, but it looks the exact same now (minus the tree). No, that is not a sorry attempt at modern art. It's just a girl trying to find the perfect paint color for her home.

This is my house. The pictures were taken today and it still looks exactly the same :-)

Apparently, the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.


  1. So cute! I am loving that you have swatches up all over your house. I haven't painted a stitch yet, but I am sure it will be the same. I love what seems to be a rug? in the last picture. Very cute color palette!

  2. haha amazing. I still have two different color green splotches on our kitchen wall and am thinking now that a mid dark grey/blue may actually be what we are looking for. Happy painting!

  3. Oh no, the paint splotch disease has struck you too! My method is to paint the ENTIRE wall, stand back, decide I hate it, get another color, repaint, decide I hate that, but due to lack of time, live with it for a week, the color grows on me, learn to like it, buy a new picture to match, and leave it! No matter what, it is a long process.

  4. who would've thought it is so much work to find the right paint color?! we just painted our condo and it took lots of colors to finally find the right one. good luck in choosing one!

  5. What a cute post! I like the colors you're looking at. We used that same brand of paint and also did a shade of blue. "cool sky." honestly not a day goes by that I don't look at our walls and say, "I LOVE this color!" I still can't get over it. Painting is so fun! Good luck, I hope you find a color you LOVE! :)

  6. That's too funny! Your mom is still so beautiful;) I love your options for your house..

  7. Oh Sweetheart,
    Decide soon. Don't live with those splotches long or you won't even notice them. I've lived with mine too long and now .....aaaagh!

  8. You would do well to follow in your beautiful mothers foot steps. She is an amazing women, and I can't believe all she gets done. It makes me tired just thinking about it! tee hee She is wonder women, and I kind-of like the "wall of many colors!" Too much fun!

  9. Sydna--Luckily the 3-day weekend was what I needed to overcome the paint splotch disease haha!

    Ang--That's how I used to feel about my bedroom color. I hope it's the same way with this house once we get done! We've gone with Glidden so far but I'm testing a Behr color for our bedroom. There are too many pretty ones to choose from!

    Sharla--I know; she's the best!

    Rachel--I was going for a grey/blue, too... but everything either seemed too grey or too blue. So I errored on the side of blue. I'll have to see what you think!

    Sara--I'm glad you like the rug! It's Pottery Barn and one of my favorite purchases ever. Haha and Rachel knows all about it :-)


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