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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mr. & Mrs.

After a 21-month-long engagement, Matt and I were finally married on June 2, 2009, in the Salt Lake Temple.
The day welcomed us with sunny skies and a brief rainstorm just for good luck. Since our sealing was in the afternoon, we were able to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing morning, which included a short run for me and nine holes of golf for Matt.

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon at the Temple, and the ceremony itself was beautiful and perfect--everything we ever dreamed of and more. We held a small dinner celebration that evening at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with one-hundred-fifty of our closest family and friends.

Then Matt whisked me away for a mini-honeymoon in Park City before our big hometown receptions that Friday and Saturday. Many details and pictures are sure to come but for now, please enjoy these highlight videos of our wedding day.

This video is a picture slideshow of Matt and I growing up and dating. Since it was played during dessert at our wedding dinner, we tried to keep it short and sweet with just two songs.
Our videographer, Lilly, produced the video below. The song, All I Need by Mat Kearny, was part of our very first date.

This final video is our absolute favorite. It was made by my insanely talented little brother Christian. He's only 15 & made it using just our regular video camera (can you believe it?), and even included a clip from the day Matt asked me to marry him. Seriously, Christian is INCREDIBLE! Check it out:

Pictures coming soon!


  1. love it ash! i got teary eyed watching it, you guys are just so perfect and happy together it rocks. and christian's movie turned out so good! so wild ha. love you :)

  2. Both videos are super cute!
    I hope you guys are doing well! :]

  3. YAY!!! New blog!! And posts! I've been waiting to see what's up with you all summer! Love it. Love your cute header, love this post. Love you guys!

  4. Ashley! I love the new blog. I loved the videos too! Definitely a good choice! Christian did such a good job too!

    I can't wait to see Europe!

  5. LOVE the new blog Ashley!!! Christian did a fabulous job on the video. I am super impressed by the fact that he captured your day perfectly and he is only 15. You were an absolutly BEAUTIFUL bride. Can't wait to see what you guys have been up too this summer :)

  6. Ashley - I am so glad you posted video on here. It feels like I was able to be there myself when you came out of the temple! I am so proud of you and happy for you! Congratulations!

  7. I absolutely LOVE both videos. I seriously started getting teary-eyed. I am so sad that I couldn't be there, you looked beautiful babe. Love you!

  8. Christian could have a career now as a wedding video guy. It'll be fun to see what you're up to. Love the header--are those Europe picts?

  9. Hey! Welcome back to the blogging world, we have missed you. Hope all is well and you are settling into married life. It is the greatest and you waited a long time to finally be here. Beautiful video and so creative. I see a little money maker for Christian if he ever decides to pursue this!

  10. Hi Ash! I love your new blog and I LOVE Christian's video too... TOTALLY AMAZING!! He should do this professionally!! You guys are great! Can't wait for more posts from you.


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