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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roses are Red, Falcons are Blue...

When Air Force's track coaches talked to Matt about joining the team as a sprinter, we assumed he would spend a few months conditioning and then start racing when the outdoor season began at the end of March. After all, he was just getting over his hamstring injuries and hadn't run track for, oh, SEVEN YEARS. Turns out the coaches had a different time frame in mind! After just a couple weeks of training, they had Matt in an invitational, running sprints for the Academy.

It's been such a blast! Matt's been tearing it up on the track and I've had a lot of fun cheering for him. In fact, plenty of people have had fun cheering him on--Matt's had quite the fan club, thanks to the Hendricks fam and his buddies :-)

In his first race, his 60 meter time (they run 60M instead of 100 in indoor) was just one tenth off of what it was when he was the state champ as a junior & senior. Not bad, right? He's just been shaving time off in each consecutive meet. And while we're giving the update, Matt had another meet this weekend, where he took 4th in the 60M and 2nd in the 200M!

Last weekend was a busy one, with 100's Night (next post), a big invitational, Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day.
Matt and I got up bright and early for his races on Saturday morning...

...only to have the power go out at the meet! Hard to host an indoor invitational with no power. The meet was delayed three hours, so we went back to the Hendricks' and let Matt take a nap (compliments of the sleep mask that treats me so well on all of my flights). Back up at the Academy, Matt took second in his heat and made it to the finals in the 60M (out of 50+ runners)! So fun. The meet ended much later than scheduled because of the blackout, though. Luckily for us, we went on our big Valentine's date to the Cliff House two weekends before so it didn't spoil our plans.

With the big date checked off, we just laid low that night with Texas Roadhouse, serenades by Matt, and homemade fondue.

Hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day, too :-)


  1. You guys are so adorable. I love your red dress!! Very va-va-voom!!

  2. That's awesome that Matt's running track. I loved going to his meets to watch him because he was so dang fast. Tell him he's a stud for me!:)

  3. You guys are just ADORABLE! Love your update and picts! Matt always has the cutest grin. Ya'll are PERFECT for eachother!

  4. How fun! That is amazing how well he is doing considering he hasn't run in so long! And, can I just say - I LOVE your dress from your Valentine's day! Did you make it, or was it purchased? Either way - I love it...and I want one!

  5. I didn't realize you owned so much Air Force gear! :) Love ya sis!

  6. Get A Room! Get A Room! HA HA. You guys are pretty romantic. Just 4 more months. Glad you had fun for Valentines 2009 cause next V-Day you'll be 8 months prego with your first little babushka.

  7. Love Ryan's comment that brings us all into reality. At least it was that way for us! I still love Valentines Day with or without kids. It is all about the love


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