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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why thank you, Job.

After years of working at my dream jobs (BYU football, Cougar United, Utah Jazz, Salt Lake Bees...), I sold out and took a corporate job because it was best for me & Matt. Honestly though, for not being in the sports industry, I seriously lucked out--I have awesome coworkers, great bosses and just a good situation overall. Oh, and a few perks too. For example, last weekend my job required me to:

Fly to Long Beach...

Stay in the lovely Anaheim Hilton...

Play Guitar Hero & hang out with my work friends...

Make new friends...

Wear pretty dresses and play "Vanna" with Lizzy...

Go to Disneyland...

Enjoy a few of my favorite rides...

Stay in California Adventure after hours for a dessert buffet in Stage 17...

And watch the Cougs kick some serious trash.
(The Falcons weren't televised thanks to the hurricane, but they won, too! 3-0!)

Not bad, eh? Granted, I worked 15+ hour days... in heels... but still.
Sometimes work is fun.


  1. Oh my goodness Ashley! Where do you work? What do you do exactly...besides stay in lavish hotels and have TONS of fun!?!

  2. that is awesome! your job really takes care of your guys, how much fun! :)

  3. holy cow where are you working at that is corporate like that? what is your job title/like what do you do? crazy stuff. You lead such an exciting life!

  4. Good for you!! Sounds like life is pretty sweet for you. Where do you work?

  5. Ash! I love your life!! It's like out of a movie! FUN!! Lis

  6. Nice, Disneyland! I moved out of the Disneyworld area, had a brief stint (four days) in Phoenix, and officially moved to Portland, Oregon. I hope you both are doing well :)


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